The last meeting of the volunteers before the Championship

 CMJNAP MEETING VOLUNTEERSIn order to organize the best to ensure the smooth running of the World Championship, the biggest part of the volunteers ended July 3 in the meeting room of the hotel IBIS STYLE in Annemasse. After a quick presentation of the event and the cockpit by Daniel RICCARDI Committee responsible for the Organization, it is Bernard GIORDANO responsible for transport which quickly introduced the hourly contingencies of this organization. Catherine GUIFFRAY-ROSSAT then took the floor to clarify thCMJNAP REU VOLUNTEERS CATHERINE GUIFFRAY-ROSSATe Organization of volunteers. Very quickly, each volunteer has been invited to join workshops led by referrers, including Deric ELLERBY for the part concerning the reception of the delegation or Jean-Louis JOLIVET to the pool organization. Meanwhile, Ghislaine GHENO responsible for the PC secretariat organized the distribution of badges and t-shirt for volunteers. This meeting also gave rise to a topo on security issues, so that everyone behaves in a manner adapted to any crisis.
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The podium directed by students of the Lycée de Salève used for the first time at Machillly

CMJNAP PODIUM AT THE TRISALEVEThe students of the Salève in Annemasse made several objects for that Championship's place in the best conditions. The podium is the one who has the strongest symbolic value, because the champions of this League will succeed in its markets. This podium has been used for the first time at MCMJNAP PODIUM TRISALEVE MACHILLY ELECTachilly at triathlon organised by the Trisaleve 3 July 2016. On one of the images we see Daniel RICCARDI, responsible for the Organization of the World Championship alongside Christine GUERRET, one of the organizers of the Trisaleve. On the other photo, athletes rewarded with white, the Mayor of Machilly, M. Jacques BOUVARD and Mr. Michel FREUDON President of the Municipal Office of Sports in Annemasse.
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The team of France visiting Machilly Lake

CMJNAP EQUIP FRANCE HAS MACHILLYFor a week the France team is internship at the nautical centre Blue Castle in Annemasse. In light of the international competition that arrives, it was important that young french athletes could realize Machilly site configuration. On the occasion of the triathlon organised by Trisaleve in Machilly Lake in this sunny afternoon, the young french were able to enjoy a moment of rest on the beach. Daniel RICCARDI, responsible for the organisation of the World Championship, accompanied them. In the picture seen in the middle of the french athletes and their coaches.
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Three days before the start of the competition the volunteer pilot shall cooperate in the Organization

CMJNAP BRIEFING TRANSPORT GIORDANOA large part of the organization is now complete. However, it should also specify many elements to be sure of success this Championship, so that young athletes from around the world can exCMJNAP BRIEFING TRANSPORT GIORDANO 2press their full potential. Three days of competition, the 15 volunteers referents of the Organization met to agree on the place of the competition. Transport is a particularly important with a brush of cars which must be choreographed to the minute. It is this huge work of precision that Bernard GIORDANO prepares for many months and explained in detail to the other volunteers. They must then pass this organization to all other volunteers at a forthcoming meeting. The pilot deal also prepare accreditation and implement all the logistics…
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Annemasse traders provide financial support and display the World Championship

BENETTONThe association of merchants 'shops Annemasse"support since the beginning thLogo Annemasse shopse organizers of the World Championship. Therefore, these volunteers were invited CARPE DIEMto the Assembly of the association, but also to the country market a few days ago. Now many of them have also provided financial support as part of a sponsorship and in the coming days most of the windows of the shops will include posters for the event. A very beautiful cooperation between the merchant community and the volunteers to promote the city of Annemasse, youth and sport!
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"8 Mont-Blanc" invites the world finswimming Championship to its sports program

8MT-WHITE CMJ NAP GUERRETEvery week, on Monday, local television "8 Mont Blanc" realizes a program deLOGO 8 MONT BLANCvoted to the sport. On June 20, it was the Championship of world of finswimming which will take place from 4 to 11 July 2016 to Annemasse and Machilly, who was in the spotlight. Jean-Pierre GUERRET, president of the Committee départemental de Haute-Savoie of the FFESSM had been delegated by Daniel RICCARDI, president of the Regional Committee Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes FFESSM to represent the Steering Committee of the competition. The long emission 8MT-WHITE CMJ NAP GUERRET2of 12 min 36, which obviously could not make the dead end on the football Euro and local cycling competitions, however left a beautiful place Championship NAP. This program rebroadcast several times and accessible by replay here, has no doubt helped raise awareness of this beautiful discipline and desires to the general public to attend competitions or take advantage of free entertainment offered by licensees of the FFESSM throughout the competition (here the program): diving, discovered apnea baptisms , swimming with monofin, of hockeysub, of target shooting… This issue was also the opportunity to review in full the video clip of the competition.


The World Championship offers a good opportunity to the students of the Salève to put their school in value

Animated logo Lycée SalèveThe students of the Salève in Annemasse have much invested so that future world finswimming Championship take place at best. They know that their institution will receive a week during, all the World Championship competitors who will take their lunch and evening meals. They have also worked under the guidance of their teachers to produce various objects: the podium of the competition, the delegations medals jewelry with the effigy of the Groundhog… They also want to give a beautiful image of their school with young high-level athletes who will come from around the world to Annemasse for competition. The world elite of the discipline will be attending the same places as them. What make them want to produce a beautiful image of their school on the net. Therefore, is born this beautiful animation of the logo of here (2, 5 MB to download) which intermingle in the mascot and logo of the high school in a burst of water.

The students of the Salève completed the podium of the competition

CMJ NAP PODIUM LYCÉE SALÈVESince the beginning of the project in September 2015, the professional Lycée duLogo Lycée Salève Salève accompanied by volunteer organizers of the competition to help carry out various objects necessary for the competition. This is for example the case of the podium of the competition, designed and manufactured by the students under the guidance of their teachers. This imposing object is now complete and will allow the four relay teams mates to settle it together to receive their medals. CMJ NAP PODIUM LYCÉE SALÈVE 2This equipment will remain the property of the town of Annemasse and given its strength on imagine little that whole generations of champions will have the opportunity to tread it in the years to come.
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The organizers of the grande braderie of Annemasse with the mascot present Championships

CMJ NAP Braderie traders AnnemasseShops, the association of merchants of Annemasse Annemasse, organizes every year in June the countLogo Annemasse shopsry market. At the invitation of this association, volunteers of the Organizing Committee of the junior world finswimming Championship took a standCMJ NAP 3 Braderie traders Annemasse to increase awareness of this great international competition. Mascot, as each time so the buzz and was the star of an untold number of selfies. Barges, which most already knew the existence of the competition, often were interested by the workshops of discovery of the various activities of the FFESSM which will be offered free to the public according to this calendar (here). A nice opportunity to discover diving, swimming with monofin, apnea, underwater target, the hockeysub shooting…
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The entries in the town of Annemasse draped in the colours of the World Championship

CMJ NAP ASSE 1 Panel12 days of the start of the competition, the town of Annemasse displayed its support for this international competition which will take place for eight days at the Aquatics centre Blue Castle. Therefore, the main entrances of the city now wear the colors of the cCMJ NAP ASSE 2 Panelompetition. In the coming days, it will be the round pool and shops of the city. A pre-race atmosphere…

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